The Tiger Cub

We’ve all been there. Before we had our children we were staring at all the moms and their quiet little babies in their pretty little strollers. Not a hair out of place and the high heels still on. That’s what we were going to be.

Then came the delivery day. But instead of pushing out a quiet little baby we gave birth to a tiger cub. That baby that is a little more, requires a little more and we find ourselves in the living room with only a baby wrap wrapped around our bodies and a tiger cub that just went to sleep after yet another marathon feeding. And even when we’re so tired we fall asleep while eating and roll over onto our jam covered toaster waffle, even then we are overwhelmed with love and gratitude that we were blessed with this little miracle.

This is my blog and I hope to be able to share my thoughts and feelings regarding parenting. It’s my personal story so it’s not going to be objective but if you like to be apart of the journey, welcome.


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