Big decisions – little guy

We’re constantly learning what works and what doesn’t with our little guy and sometimes he’s a very big boy in a small body. Like when he decides he won’t eat dinner unless it’s served on a big plate with a fork and a knife (like everybody else)….he was 18 months…

People sometimes criticize me and say that I am too laid back. Sure, I admit it. When I watch “Finding Nemo” most parents seem to resemble Nemo’s dad while I resemble Crush the turtle.

“Whoa, Dude, Hold up. Let us see what little Squirt does on his own, Flyin’ solo”

Accept for crossing the street (during which hand holding has never been optional) I’ve never forced junior to walk my way. I put him down and if I have time I let him lead and I follow. If I don’t have time I start walking the other way (while keeping an eye on him ofcourse). Most kids will follow, eventually. (Under a certain age). Mine did and when he didn’t anymore I simple said “bye bye” and kept walking.

When my son was about 18 months he started to take me to the playground. Correction, walk me there. We’d get outside, he’d take my hand and lead me to the park (about a block and a half).

Yesterday we went to the park. We hadn’t been there for maybe two-three months cuz we’ve visited other parks so I wasn’t sure what would happen. What happened was quite neat. Junior took my hand and led me down the street. Me, being slightly absent minded missed the turn for the crosswalk. Junior stopped and let go of my hand as I continued a few steps. I stopped and looked at him and finally I was led what he wanted. Without being able to verbalize the exact words junior pointed at the crosswalk, started walking in one spot and reached for my hand. So I repeated:
“Would you like us to cross the street and hold hands?” A very excited 2 year old grabbed my hand and started pulling me, stopped at the sidewalk, waited for me to give the “go” and then started leading me across the street while still holding my hand.

I see the same people that used to comment out walking with their 2.5- 3 year olds and they can’t even walk a block before their kids start going bananas or demand to get back into the stroller or wrap and I can’t help but thinking that even though they might not like my methods, what I do work for us and I am grateful that my son is independent yet very aware and obedient of the rules.


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