Go with the flow

I spent last night getting bear hugged by my 2 year old. It doesn’t happen that often anymore. He’s a big boy now. (Chuckles). Correction, he perceives himself as a big boy and I try to do my best at encouraging him.

The first almost two years of his life we co slept and then one day decided to have him try out sleeping in his own room. He LOVED it! He’s been sleeping in his own room for about 6 weeks now and last night was the first time he kept coming into our room to get me. (I think it’s ridiculously cute that e comes and gets me instead of wanting to get into our bed).

Normally I put him back to bed and then, once he’s fully asleep I go on my merry way back to hubby and our bedroom. About the third time in like an hour that junior came for me I decided to change my strategy and see if I could get him to “help me help him”

First I quoted a section from one of his favorite books:

Hush now, it’s ok. Life’s bound to seem much brighter when tomorrow comes your way

Then I led him back to bed and told him that I’d stay there for as long as he needed me to. He looked at me, bear hugged me (you know, one of those full body hugs) and fell back asleep. He kept on bear hugging me until morning and I laid there as I had promised.

It amazes me the things he teaches me when I take a step back and try to listen. Especially since he doesn’t talk much yet. (That I can understand haha). I try to listen to him and let him show me what he wants but at 2am it’s easy to forget and just mechanically do what you normally would wether it’s working or not. It’s so easy to forget to stop, take a step back and go with the flow instead.
Did he actually need me to stay in there? I don’t know. But it’s what he wanted and it wasn’t a big sacrifice on my part. He got to feel like he was in charge and since he didn’t wake up anymore that night except to make sure I was still there I feel like it served it’s purpose.


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