Always choose to do good

I like to have words of wisdom to live by, to guide and influence me as I journey through life. Tonight I’ll share a mommy update of John F. Kennedy’s quote. It goes like this (the update:)

Ask not what people can do for you, but what you can do for people

When we start thinking about it we get so many opportunities to do nice thins for other people, friends or strangers, wether it is a warming smile to the struggling mom at the grocery store with two screaming kids or helping someone load their groceries into their car.

We went to an indoor play land today and there was this older man with a little boy. The play land has a guy dressed up in an elephant suit walking around and the kid though the elephant was very scary, much like my son did. Eventually though (thanks to the very patient elephant) they warmed up to him. The little kid so much that he took the elephant’s hand and they walked off (the elephant does a tour around the play land). The man was trying to videotape the whole thing with is iPhone while still holding onto the little boy’s hand.

My son was done and wanted to go off exploring and so did I, but then it hit me that this was one of those moments where I had the possibility to make someone else smile with a random act of kindness. So instead of walking away I turned to the man and asked if I could take a photo of then all together for him. He smiled and gave me his phone. Right as I was about ready to snap the picture the boy had got a little nervous again and was burrowing his face in the elephant’s leg. So I backed up and I exclaimed “hi there cutie pie!” It was just long enough to get the little boy’s attention as I snapped a picture. The picture turned out great with all of them smiling from ear to ear. The whole thing to less than two minutes out of my time, but the smiles and the thanks I received made it an amazing experience for me…and after all, a family photo isn’t a family photo unless the family is actually in it.

So next time you have the chance to so something nice for someone else (even if it is a stranger)


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