Letters to you

When junior was first born I wrote him a letter. Every month for his first year I wrote him letters and some were published on my old blog. But blogs might come and go and as he grows older there might be contents I don’t want to share publicly. So I found this idea on Cafe Mom (it’s also been going around on Facebook as a meme) about setting up an email for your child that you send emails to and then once your child has turned 18 (or whatever age you find appropriate) you give them the email address and the password and they will have a whole inbox of letters from you from the time they were little until the day they get access to it. I thought it was a super cute idea and it’s a good way to make your that they don’t get lost in the shuffle (and God forbid, if you should pass and not be able to tell them yourself). When I was 16 I found a journal my mom had written to me, wasn’t very many entries but it made a big impact on me.


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