Pretty sure it’s my family’s fault

You know those rare moments when you get to wake up half an hour to and hour earlier than the rest of the family and you can take time to read, enjoy breakfast in peace (while it’s still warm) and just contemplate and enjoy being you….

I love getting up half an hour earlier than everybody else!

Granted, some of it is spent wondering what the heck I’m doing up when I could be sleeping….most of it is just spent in UTTER BOREDOM missing my awesome husband and amazing child, contemplating how to “accidentally” wake them up so we can have morning snuggles.

It’s like when after weeks of taking communal baths with your toddler and his one billion brightly colored foam animals and plastic boats and jibber jabbering you find yourself alone in the bathtub but instead of stretching out and enjoying your alone time you’re just…utterly bored and miss your toddler 😦

Pretty sure I love my family a little too much. Pretty sure it’s their fault.

Now, let’s see who wants some morning snuggles!


2 thoughts on “Pretty sure it’s my family’s fault

  1. I don’t relate to this at all, actually. I’m too tired to wake up earlier than everyone else. And if I did, I’d be so worried about wasting those rare quiet moments that I would probably waste it all doing nothing.

    • I hoped I’d be like that. I really did. But yeah I waste most of it too…Facebook, cafe mom, blogging you name it haha

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