Things change when you are two

Seriously Mom. I’m two now. Things change when you are two.

(What I often think my son would say if we could understand him)

Junior has only actually been two for a couple of weeks but it seems like he grew overnight. I don’t mean literally, I mean mentally. Like when we were at grandma’s place. It was afternoon and he was tired, so he walks down the stairs to the bottom floor, goes into the guest bedroom, gets up on the bed and snuggles down underneath the blanket and takes a nap. (What two year old does that?!) It was a little bit of cuteness overload which coined the term: “He’s two now. Things change when you are two.”

Once we got home from grandma’s he took my hand, dragged me into his bedroom, crawled underneath his blanket, turned on the night light and gave me a book.

Once he turned two, all of a sudden, he wants shoes and a jacket whenever we go outside. (It used to be nearly impossible to get him to wear anything)

Every bath in this house is now “communal”….as in as soon as the two year old hears sound of the faucet he runs into the bathroom, strips naked, climbs up onto his little stool thingy and swings his legs over the edge of the bathtub and slides right in. Doesn’t matter if he took a bath 30 minutes earlier. He’ll take another one.

He now LOVES books. The same books but books. Soon after he turned one he refused to let me read to him at all. He would close the book and literally move it. Now he makes me read books meant for 3-6 year olds. At first there was two books…..then he got another one for christmas that he added to the “must read” list. Then mommy tried to change out two of the books leading to that “Seriously Mom, I’m two now” look so as of january 2nd we now read 5 books. E.v.e.r.y  n.i.g.h.t. (And sometimes in the morning….and before a nap)

Which brings me to…..he now NAPS! (sometimes) The boy who hasn’t napped since he was like 14 months old now naps. I guess when you’re two, things change.



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