Co-sleeping saved his life


I know. It’s controversial. You shouldn’t do it but you do. You co-sleep. And what’s worse….you love doing it.

I’m not going to say that co-sleeping is for everyone. It isn’t. If you use sleeping medication, drugs, alcohol etc you shouldn’t be co-sleeping. We weren’t using either.

Let me start from the beginning. Before junior was born we bought a crib and decorated his own room. It was what everybody else did around us and so we did the same. We also received a travel crib as a gift and put that in our room just in case we needed it for those first few nights. We were prepared. 

Then junior came.

Junior weighed in at just over 5 lbs when we were released from the hospital. He had lost weight during his first 24 hours (like most babies do) and had struggled to get up to 5 lbs again so we could go home. Our home was nothing like the hospital. We had those kind of radiators that blow out heat and a thermostat that…..supposedly….worked. It really didn’t. The first night we had double sets of jammies, double sets of hats and a swaddling blanket and junior was barely keeping warm.

A few nights later I woke up from a dead sleep and had this urge to check on him. I told my self it was ridiculous since I could see that he was sound asleep in the crib. I closed my eyes but once again it was like someone was talking to me urging me to check on him. Half heartedly I put my hand in the crib and started to feel around for his face so I could stroke his cheek. 

His face was ice cold.

I don’t think I have ever gone from asleep to wide awake faster than I did. I immediately pulled him out of the crib to make sure he was still breathing. He was. I ran into the bathroom to find a thermometer to check his temperature. I was in shock. I checked it again and again and again. Then I checked my baby booklet that I had got from the hospital and what I was fearing was confirmed. 


I immediately stripped naked and wrapped him in my moby wrap, skin on skin contact. I covered us in my robe and pulled a blanket over us. I sat on the couch and checked his temperature every 15 minutes while waiting for the on call doctor to call. When the doctor got a hold of me he told me to remove all clothes, do skin on skin contact and I told him I already had, that junior’s temp had finally started to go up again and was almost to 96.5. The doctor then told me that I just might have saved my baby’s life that night.

After that night we decided that we would co-sleep, so we bought a co-sleeper and never looked back.


2 thoughts on “Co-sleeping saved his life

  1. (stopping by from cafemom)
    Oh my goodness!! what a scary story!! I thought I was crazy for checking on my boys so much, but better safe than sorry. I’m glad he was okay.

    • Yeah it was by far the scariest I’ve been through. I’m like “really? Did I just f up my own child?!” But he’s a very healthy toddler today so everything went well 🙂

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