Patients is a virtue

– To our bishop who while starting the meeting takes the time to acknowledge our two year old standing in front of him. (We’re beginning to think he just likes hearing his name in the big speakers)

– To the lady who closed the lid on the piano so our son couldn’t play it during the meeting.
(You’ve never seen a church mom…aka me…run faster then when the 2 year old starts playing the piano during the sacrament)

– The girl whom I never met that picked up my son’s ninja turtle and twisted and turned until he was in an awesome ninja pose and then put it back on the floor where my two year old could see it (he was thoroughly amazed. Incase you missed it you even got a “whaaaaooooww”)

– To the old man who told me I was a great mom for not scolding my son when he came up to me at the stand and wanted to speak too.

– Again to our bishop who when thanking everybody who had spoken also thanked my son, even though his was more of a “bla bla bla bla”.

To my ward.
We love you and we wouldn’t be where we are without you. Thank you all for showing us love and patience.


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