No conversation is as great as one with a 2year old

– Dada dada dada dada
– Daddy is not at home, he’s in *insert city name* because he had a class
– Dada? No.
– yes he is but I understand that it might be hard for you to conceptualize. Especially since he has had a long winter break.
– Da! (which is his word for yes)
– Or maybe the problem isn’t with conceptualizing but with me using words like conceptualize…
– No
– Are you sure?
– Da!
– No problem with the word conceptualize?
– No!
– Well ok then. You know what. I’m looking forward to you extending your vocabulary. Keep it up and you’ll be a most eloquent little mr.
– Da. (Affirmative in that matter of fact way only a toddler can muster up)

I was able to keep a straight face even though I just wanted to laugh out lout.

Do I think my 2 year old is the smartest 2 year old that’s ever existed? Why, sure! As much as any parent should.

Do I actually think we had a real conversation? About as real as when he absolutely refuses to eat his toast but has no problem eating my (identical) piece of toast.

Am I going to treat it as an actual conversation? Absolutely! His first sentence will most likely be along the lines of “I have juice?” and not “In accordance with Merton’s Strain Theory….” But who cares? For now it’s fun and I believe in treating my son with the same respect as I would having this conversation with a 15 year old.

You are never to young to be treated with respect


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