Dear mom

All too often I see children who could and should receive better treatment from their parents. Children who are bullied, ridiculed and left alone to fight their own battles. Oftentimes I find myself wishing that these children could write a letter to their parent and explain that;

Dear mom,

When I’m eating and spill on my shirt,
please don’t get mad
I may just have taken too big of a bite.

When I’m drinking and I get water all over my pants,
please don’t get angry
I may just had misjudged the distance

When I’m having a hard time picking up a small object
please don’t get frustrated
My fine motor skills are still developing

When I am climbing
please don’t yell at me
This is how I learn

When I fall
please don’t scold me and tell me I have myself to blame
I’m still fairly new at this

When I don’t answer you right away
please don’t call me stupid
I might just have been temporarily

When I don’t act the way you want me to
Please don’t call me names
I don’t do it to spite you

When I hurt myself
please don’t laugh at me
I didn’t do it on purpose

When I throw a tantrum
please don’t lose your temper
I know what I want I just don’t always know how to express it.

When I come to you after a tantrum
please don’t shut me out
It is scary and I need you to console me.

When I call for you in the middle of the night
please don’t ignore me
I may just have had a really bad dream

Mom, when I spill
Or fail to accomplish a task
Or fall
Or seem not to listen
Or misbehave.
When I hurt myself
Throw a tantrum
Or call for you in the middle of the night

Please know that I love you and I need you to be there for me
To support me
To guide me
To remind me when I forget
To reassure me that I am perfect just the way I am.

What I need most mom, is your unconditional love and patience.

Your child

If you can instill in your child that he/she is loved no matter what happens, why it happens or how he/she reacts, then know you have done good. Then know you have done right.


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