Good people sometimes make stupid decisions

Once you become a parent random people find it their prerogative to tell you how to parent and often what you’re (according to them) doing wrong. Some are just butt faces.

It’s everybody from that neighbor that meet your toddler walking up the stairs and finds it necessary to tell you your “baby” is going to fall down the stairs. (He’s been walking up and down those stairs for a year, he’ll be fine)

To the girl who asks if you don’t care about your crying and screaming tantrum throwing 18month old because you chose to speak calmly to him and then sit down to wait it out. There’s always someone who freaks out when you’re calm about a tantrum. (Maybe I just don’t want my son to grow up to have a fit when he’s 46 like you)

The random person on the street asking if they can hold the crying child because ‘all kids love them’ (Hey there random stranger, My kid loves me and hates random strangers touching him. How about backing off before I call the cops)

To my absolute favorite….the grabber. Very rare but my worst nightmare. That one person who thinks it’s perfectly fine to grab another person’s kid, lift them up and go “Bugga Bugga boo, you’re such a cutie” which is always met with the same bear growl
Which, if not followed immediately, is enforced by a
(Actually, I wish. Most times I just snatch my baby back and go “WHAT is WRONG with you?!” But I have used the bear growl. It wasn’t pretty)

Yes. I do believe in doing goo and being good. But I also believe in good people sometimes making very stupid decisions. Besides, when you grab my child I think of Dateline NBC’s “How to catch a predictor” not friendly fellow human.

I don’t care if you are 1 month old or 101. You are entitled to your own body. Cuddling is not a right it is a privilege….and as I always tell my toddler “it should ALWAYS be voluntarily”.


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