There are different kinds of bear hugs

We all know bear hugs. The full body hugs that are seemingly endless.

The first one is that kind you get after you’ve been gone forever from your toddler (read 45 minutes)

Then there’s the ones you get just cuz your toddler is so overly happy and excited and just can’t contain himself.

Then there’s the third kind. The kind you get in the middle of the night when you’ve tucked your toddler back into bed. A bear hug. Not letting go.

I had one of those nights a couple of days ago. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong but decided to go with the flow rather than trying to argue or assert my dominance as a parent. Instead I told him I would high him as long as he needed to. We both slept well that night in a tight bear hug. The next morning we woke up, cuddled for a bit and then he proceeded to play with his toys, business as usual. I try to not over analyze but trust that if he is so persistent in demanding closeness at night, I will give it to him when asked. Who knows, maybe when he’s four he can tell me why. Does it matter though?


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