Bilingualism issues

Today’s challenge was figuring our how to make an alphabet tapestry, with little pockets and then the kid can pick a card and put it in the right pocket. A no brainer for anybody who at least finished high schools, so considering I have a master’s degree I should be able to figure it out. My problem was, however, how to make the tapestry bilingual. How do you teach a child that for example “cat” is sometimes supposed to go in one pocket and sometimes supposed to go in another because your learning two languages at the same time.

I think I’ve solved it by color coding one set of cards with red edges so junior knows when we’re dealing with the American alphabet and so on. Hopefully he’ll catch in pretty quick. That’s the general idea :p

I like the idea of having it be a game. I’m not really expecting my 2 year old to learn the alphabet right now but if I can make it into a fun game and he can “just happen to learn” it along the way then great. It’s like when I sing him the alphabet song in French. The focus right now isn’t to teach him neither the alphabet nor French but merely have fun with different songs and movements. ( At the end of the French alphabet song you sing “I know the alphabet well, I can do it all over again with my eyes closed/holding my nose” etc).

One of junior’s favorite songs when he was little, his favorite books and his favorite lullaby were all in different languages. A total of four languages. I want learning to be educational but most of all I want it to be fun and inspiring. I want him to learn something and want to learn more.


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