I blame Shaun the Sheep!

We got ourselves a little “monkey see monkey so” lately.

Junior loves watching “Shaun the Sheep” which is awesome cuz each episode is only like 6 minutes or so.

For those of you who don’t know who “Shaun the Sheep” is and are too lazy to google he’s a sheep (duh) who lives on a farm with a farmer, a dog and a bunch of other sheep. Whenever the farmer isn’t around or looking Shaun and the sheep get into all sorts of shenanigans.

For the longest time we were trying to figure out where he had learned to shake his butt the way he does when he dances (it’s hilarious) until the other say when I watched an episode of Shaun the Sheep with him and realized that’s what the sheep do in that episode.

In another episode the sheep take over the farmer’s painting when he goes to get more paint and the sheep start painting. Later that very same day junior went over to the painting section of the mommy n me area and started painting with a brush. (He’s never painted with a brush before)

So we’ve decided that next time he’s up to shenanigans and we want to know whee he got it from…I’ll just go onto Netflix and watch the last episode of Shaun the Sheep, lol.


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