Stupid is as stupid does – kids books

Junior LOVES books. He’s at that age where it should preferably be the same book over and over again. Or in junior’s case the same five. FIVE! (Did I mention junior LOVES books?)

So every now and then I try to add a new one in hopes of being able to switch one out. We’re now at 7 books, five regulars and then two “wild cards” (Haha!)

Today I decided to read a new book about a little mouse who does NOT want to do what his mommy tells him to do. (If you’ve had a toddler you get the scenario) It started out pretty well..he didn’t want to get dressed, go outside, the regulars, and his mom was being very patient. Then she had enough. Twice in two pages she calls him stupid. Stupid! And then she proceeds to leave him and walk home when he decides to hide.
What the heck?!
Seriously people?!

I don’t want to read a book to my two year old where the mom calls the child
stupid and then abandons him.
(She came back eventually, but still).

So I started censoring the book and then eventually I just ended up making up a new ending.

I have been trying to figure out why everybody seems to be complaining lately that their toddler’s favorite words are “stupid”, “mommy’s stupid” etc. I’m starting to figure out why if THIS is the kind of books you read to your kids.

Mine has never called either one of us stupid in either language. Yeah I realize that day will probably come but I sure as heck isn’t going to encourage it by reading books about it.

So yeah, as I said, junior LOVES books but that’s one book we won’t be reading again. Very disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Stupid is as stupid does – kids books

    • Hi there and welcome to my blog. OMG I wish I had a tiger, right?! No I don’t. I have “high needs baby” but since I don’t like labels I’m referring to him as trying to raise a tiger cub when everybody around you is raising kittens.

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