And then I died a little inside

I read a blog today. A mom wanted to know how long was too long to let her 14 month old cry it out. She had cried for 1.5 hours before the mom finally went in to her.

This where I died a little inside.

One and a half hour?!

Woman, what is wrong with you?!

It’s no secret that I will never endorse CIO (cry it out) but I do accept that there are people who choose this approach. Still, what kind of a mother can sit and listen to her child cry for an hour and a half without going in to comfort her?! Where did things go so terribly wrong for you that you think this behavior is in any way, shape or form, appropriate?!
Her solution was to drive around til her child falls asleep and then leave the child alone in the car so she can at least get a 30 minute nap.

With the risk if repeating myself:

WHAT is wrong with you?!

I don’t know what state she lives in but in most states, as far as I know, it is illegal to leave your child alone in the car. (There are several reasons for that)

But reading stories like that, which do happen just makes me sad. Genuinely sad. I feel cold and empty inside. It makes me snuggle closer to my 2 year old when I go to out him down, stay a little longer, burrow my nose into his neck a little more and just hold him tight. It makes me even more determined never to let that happen to him and I am reminded of how lucky I am to have people around me who support me, who would make sure that if, God forbid, something where to happen to me and hubby out son would still be in safe hands and not forced to lie in a cold and dark room to cry himself to sleep.

(BTW, to the 14month old child the blogpost refers to; you go girl! Keep screaming for mommy til she comes!)


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