Thank you

It seems like we’re all pretty good at thanking people. Thanking the. For gifts or that car ride home when you locked your keys in the car. For the obvious things.but how are we at thanking others for the little things? The “I saved you just enough milk for your morning tea” or the “I figured since you got delayed at work you’d probably come home starving so I got us pizza”. You’ve got those too. Wow. You’re doing good. (I forget sometimes. I’m sorry)

But even more important is sometimes just thanking people for who they are, for what impact they’ve had on your life just by being in it. My husband is, of course, one of those people, but also my son. He helped me grow and become the mother I am today. If I tell him today, thank you for being you, he’ll understand my words in one way, when he’s 15 in another way, and when he has his first child in another way.

I was blessed becoming his mother. I have never had post partum depression. Even in the darkest nights with aching boobs, tiny tummy ache and baby cries I somehow always found being his mother a blessing, something to be thankful for. My wish is that I may never grow content, never get so “comfortable” (in lack of better terms) that I start taking information granted. I hope I will always remember and feel grateful for having him in my life and I hope I will always remember to thank him.

Thank you
for teaching me your wants
For teaching me your needs.
Thank you for pushing me
with more intense cries
when I get it wrong.
Thank you for rewarding me
with more intense hugs
When I get it right.
Thank you for being amazing
Just by being you.
Thank you for trusting me
to take care of you
to care for you
Thank you for making me
the mom I am today
Thank you for being you


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