Who’s driving your car?

Who’s driving you car and what direction is it going?

Think of your life as a car ride. Are you in charge of your life, are you driving the car? Or are you letting someone else drive the car, run your life for you? In your car you have your family and your closest friends. What direction is the car going? Are your relationships bringing you forward or back? Are you in charge of your car? Do you not like the direction your moving? Turn your car around. Feel like someone else is driving and you don’t like the direction the car is going, if you don’t like the destination, stop the car and change drives, maybe let a passenger or two go.

You wouldn’t get in a car where you didn’t agree with the direction it’s going. Why would you have friends who lead you down the same path?

Friendships should make us stronger, not weaker. Friendships should lead us down the path we want to go, not a road we want to avoid, or a road that constantly is under construction.

If you are who you hang out with….then ask yourself who you are hanging out with. Life’s too short for downers, butters and haters to linger around you like exhaust fumes around your car when your waiting in the car in the parking lot with the motor running.

Be the change you want to see in others. If you don’t want to hang around downers, don’t be one, be positive. If you don’t want to hang out with a butter, don’t engage in that kind of conversation yourself.If you don’t want to hang out with a hater, don’t be one yourself, always try to bring out the positive in other people.
Be good
Do good
and when in doubt, ask yourself wwjd? (What would Jesus do)

Love one another


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