Parenting someone else’s child. Don’t make me go there, cuz I will!

This was a post I wrote a couple of months back and I still think about it every now and then so I have decided to share the story:

I get so mad at some parents and their lack of…well…(in lack of better terms) their parenting. It was about 4.15pm on an august afternoon, the park was buzzing with children and adults alike and, as usual, my son and I. Five minutes went by and it was time for the children to go home to their respective parents and have dinner. All but one. Since this is a public blog, I will call him Kevin. Kevin’s friends went home and (I will call her Ashley) Ashley called out that she would soon be back, she just had to……

Ashley never came back.

Kevin walked around kicking chestnuts with a sad face, he had given up. Besides him, junior and I were the only ones left. Kevin took his jacket and strode towards me and junior. He sat down on the bench next to me. Silent. His eyes wandered, sometimes catching a glimpse of the slide and sometimes he would rest his eyes on me.
-Hello! I said
– Hello. Said Kevin.
I asked if all his friends had gone and he said they had gone home .
– And you do not want to go home … I said
– No … said Kevin. He explained that his mother was not home, that he thought she was at the pizza place and that she had promised to come get him when she was done. She would probably be back anytime. I was not born yesterday. I understood exactly why Kevin did not want to go home and I told him that he could stay with us until his mother came if he wanted to. He nodded and said he wanted to.

We played for over 1.5 hours Kevin, junior and I . We climbed the jungle gym, went down the slide and laughed. Kevin told me about his dreams, how he loves parkour and tried to show junior how to categorized chestnuts.

Kevin is eight years. Eight years and sensible enough to understand that if you are left alone on a playground in the town center in the park where all the drunks and other scum bag come the best thing to do is find an adult and go to that person.

I am a stay at home mom. I have a very understanding husband. I have a life that allows me to stay 1.5 hours extra on the playground, later replacing home made (from scratch) hamburger, potatoes and gravy for a take away pizza so Kevin did not have to be left alone. Don’t get me wrong, we had a lovely time and if I had to I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.



There should be enough common sense or manners, call it what you will, for people NOT to leave her 8 year old alone in a park for an hour and a half. What if I had not been me ? What if I had been a pedophile ? Imagine if I had left. Kevin would have been stranded, alone as the sun set while the drunks and other “people with questionable morality” began to gather in the park.

Kevin’s mom finally showed up after 1.5 hours. She yelled at him from a distance and he ran there. She had no pizza and I did not have the moral courage enough to run after and ask where she had been. Actually, what it was, I had nothing to say. Nothing nice. Because the only thing I could have said would have been “What the HECK were you thinking??!!!”  I know. It’s not my business. It’s not my business where she had been or even why he was alone.
But it pisses me off!

Like I said, it has been almost 5 months since this happened but still I think about Kevin at times. I wonder what happened to him and I hope that his parents finally took the time to listen to his dreams and decided to become active parents again. But part of me doubts it, so part of me will always keep looking to see if Kevin, or another child are left at the park, alone.


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