Support a breast feeding mom!

Being a breast feeding is not always easy, not always convenient and sometimes you just want to throw in the towel. Breast feeding is awesome! It’s like the super power of mommies and is like kryptonite when it comes to bugs and illnesses.

You can support a breast feeding mom, it doesn’t have to be that hard. Here are some examples

– when you see a breast feeding mom at a restaurant, buy her a bottle of water just because she’s awesome and breast feeding moms bed to stay hydrated.

– when you see a woman struggling to cover up while feeding, offer to help with the blanket. Wether she is nervous or too shy to nurse uncovered (or modest) it’s not really your place to judge, just do your best to be supportive.

– when you see a breast feeding mom trying to breastfeed while opening a door, a bottle etc, offer to help.

– when you’re at the doctor’s office and that new mom is trying to deal with leaking breasts, nipple shields, a screaming newborn that won’t latch, take the time to say “been there, done that. Take a deep breath and try again”

We can all help by being supportive!

(And for Pete’s sake – stop staring awkwardly!)


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