Will you stop growing already?!

Awkward mommy moment. The one you’ve been waiting for. Being able to eat breakfast in peace without a toddler pulling on your shirt or wanting to breastfeed, drinking the tea while it’s still hot. Eating toast before it starts tasting like cold stale cardboard. Going down to the laundry room by yourself without having to carry the newly awakened toddler. (I know, mommy hood dreams are very simple)

They all came true! Today!

Junior woke up. Usually when this happens he calls for me, I come in and we cuddle. Nope. Not today. He woke up, looked around, saw me sitting in the kitchen and got down on the floor an played with his toys. He played for a good 30 minutes before coming to get me and pulling me into his bedroom and demanding morning cuddles.

I seized the opportunity to…..I spaced. I was so sure the moment wasn’t going to last that I just blankly stared at my computer, and glanced at my toddler to see if he was still alive.

Morning cuddles came and went and I informed junior that it was time to go down to the laundry room. He responds by going into his bedroom, getting a blanket, going out in the living room and snuggling up on the couch in front of Sponge Bob Square Pants. I took my keys, dangled them, said I’m going to the laundry room and he looks at me and says “ok”. (Which, btw is new since yesterday).

So I skipped down the stairs toddler-less….yes actually I did skip….but then I realized how much I absolutely HATE going to the laundry room by myself, cuz it’s in the basement and you have to walk through a little hallway that reminds me of the bunkers of WW2. I was scared and jumped every time I heard the slightest creak. I usually bring junior because as we all know perpetrators don’t attack moms with toddlers (Sit down! Be quiet! and for god’s sake stop youtubing videos to prove me wrong!)
So instead of enjoying my freedom I just felt utterly lonely.

I came back upstairs kind of hoping he had at least missed me. He hadn’t noticeably. He was very much content watching sponge bob. (And hubby was very much content snuggled up in bed for all the weirdos thinking I left my toddler by himself. I didn’t)

My little boy is growing up! (Althought hubby claims it’s more a sign of intelligence rather than maturity)

Nevertheless motherhood is sometimes hard on the toddler in me and I want to ask my toddler to stop growing. (Or at the very least give me the heads up!)  But not really. I love these moments. Plus, I still get to snuggle up on the couch, so I’m good!


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