Cha cha cha changes!

I found myself downtown today. ALONE! For real!

Let me take it from the beginning. Junior and u have pretty much been attached to each other since he was born. We’ve slowly tried to get him to spend some quality time with dad and it’s been going ok…for about 5-10 minutes and then I’m the one again,
I have been able to sneak away to the convenient store a couple of times (with varying results) then today as I was leaving to go to the pharmacy junior noticed me fully dressed. My husband immediately jumped in and said “mommy’s going bye bye. She’s going downtown for a while but she’ll be back, you can stay here with me and play and have lots of fun.”
(This is where Junior would normally start putting his shoes on…)
Today he just looked up at his dad as if he was satisfied with that answer, looked at me, waved bye bye and blew kisses at me. So I did the same and left.

Guess what?
He was just dandy!

Him and my hubby played for about an hour by themselves and then when I was on my way back my husband showed him me on “Find a friend” and he could follow mommy home and see that I was as getting closer.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Ok I admit it, it was super weird in the beginning and I missed the little rascal but I pulled myself together, haha.

I’m so glad they are finally getting to spend some quality time just the two of them doing fun stuff together. I got a picture of them building a tower out of all the Lego pieces. It was taller than the toddler haha! It was great!

Today has been an awesome day! Yay for toddlers growing up!


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