Happy ending – f*ck conformity

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am human, I make mistakes and so when I read the Daily Prompting to write about happy endings and something you had quit I thought I’d write a post about conformity. And about quitting it.

When I was pregnant I read every book on the planet, every parenting or baby magazine, every tv show. I read or watched it ALL. I knew exactly how we were going to raise our kid. I was determined to conform and do what everybody else did come hell or high water.

So I decorated a nursery – cuz everybody else did
I made my husband drive me to Hickville USA to get a crib
And I googled cloth diapers.

Then came junior. Then came junior and our lives were turned upside down. All of a sudden we had out little ball of love who refused to sleep unless snuggled up on somebody, woke up 5 billion times at night to nurse and pooped and peed 15 times a day for the first little while. A junior who when we left the hospital weighed in at barely 5 lbs.

After our stay at the hospital (family birthing center) I knew conformity wasn’t for me. Every ounce in my body screamed that it was wrong. That the baby should be sleeping with us, in our room and that Pampers was Gods gift to the new parent. It was hard at first giving up all the plans we had made, realizing we wouldn’t be sleeping in his pretty room and his far too expensive crib. Hard because everybody around us was doing it that way and we just couldn’t. So we quit. Quit trying to conform, quit trying to be like everybody else. We bought a cosleeper and let junior bunk with us (a decision that would save his life, turns out) and we stuffed that diaper Paul with disposables until the cows come home. I think that’s when I realized I wasn’t going to be parenting like everybody else around me. For me it was a happy ending and at the same time a very happy beginning. Two years later, I’m still glad I quit.


2 thoughts on “Happy ending – f*ck conformity

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