The (Wet) 12th Man

The day of (well almost) SUPER BOWL and OF COURSE this guy deserves a shout out! The other day he was down at the 12th man pep rally for Seahawks and took some sweet pictures! Check them out on his blog or on his official Facebook page
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Stanton Prescott

After two weeks straight of no precipitation, the rain I was promised I would find in Seattle has finally arrived.  That didn’t stop The 12th Man, the fan base of the Seattle Seahawks, from showing up at the Seattle Center under the Space Needle for a Pep-Rally as their team heads to New Jersey to face off against the Denver Broncos on the biggest stage in professional sports:  THE SUPER BOWL.

So I threw on my rain boots, donned my rain coat, wrapped my camera in a plastic bag, and headed out to snap some shots.  Which one should I choose for my Daily Photo, today, which can be seen on my Official Facebook Page.  Feel free to like it if you do not already!

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