Illiterate in a bilingual world

We’ve recently started looking at different bilingual preschools for junior to attend for the few years we aim to stay abroad. It’s all very fancy (not really) and you have to submit applications and stuff. Hubby and I are both university educated so this is a breeze for us. Hubby is a US citizen and so is junior (he’s dual). We got a letter in the mail today addressed to mr and mrs “insert my husbands full name”. Living abroad in what could be the most laid back country in the world I knew it had to be an American writing the letter. Sure enough it was.

It was a “Dear Mr&Mrs, thank you for applying…” And then went on to explain how our son’s preschool application to one of the schools had been denied. Ok. No biggie. We kept reading and that’s when it happened….. The reason our son was denied was due to that he shool could only accept students who

…reside in X country for a limited period of time and who possess sufficient knowledge in English to be able to follow the education taught in English.

I swore I had just become illiterate. Surely we weren’t reading that he didn’t have sufficient knowledge in English….?! ENGLISH?!!!
I think the person who laughed the hardest was the US citizen (born n raised) husband while I went a little more warrior Viking.
We’re completely bilingual (hubby’s learning the new language) and junior is perfectly bilingual. We speak all English with each other and I speak both with junior, always have. So…WHAT DA FAKK?! The letter (and principal) felt so lost in translation even though I had purposely filled out the application in English. (You’d think a school claiming to be bilingual should be able to handle that.

I wanted to email the principal and ask who was the illiterate one, him or me….but I chose to go the more politically correct route of “dear sir….perhaps a mistake…”

I guess we’ll jut have to wait as see what happens. SMH.

Seriously though. This is after we skipped one applications because the English was horrible and barely made it through another application asking for “country of belonging”?! Again I wish I could claim being lost in translation, but that sentence doesn’t make sense in either language. Illiteracy might go a long way and still land you a job…but the admission’s office shouldn’t be one of them. Smh. Hubby suggested I’d put “none, he’s a free man” but I’m not sure that would’ve helped.

Come on, prove to me that there are still some bilingual people out there who actually know what they’re doing!


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