Olympic Games 2014….and the winner is…

I’d like to say that today has been productive. I’ve done a lot of things but at the same time ended up doing nothing.

I was suppose to prepare for a potential interview coming up.

Instead I entered what must be the Olympic Games version of procrastination.

So. Starting tomorrow I’m going to organize my life. I’m going to make a battle plan and by God in going to read through that stupid paper even if it means having to lock myself in the bathroom to do so.

It has always amazed me that I am amazing when it comes to helping people remember things, running errands for other people etc but trying to organize my own life has always seemed as daunting of a task as asking a slug to climb Mount Everest. So, I’m going to see if it’s possible to trick myself into becoming organized by becoming my own personal assistant. Tomorrow I’ll work out a plan of attack.

…and a plan on how to stick to it….

You know it’s bad when you find yourself googling “how to organize your life” followed by “how to remember to check your planner”. Yep. It’s that bad.


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