OMG, get that child a jacket!

“What’s wrong with you?! A 2 year old in 43 degree weather without a jacket?
And no snow pants? What’s your problem?”

No…excuse me…but what’s YOUR problem?!

I know you, I saw you looking at us at the park. Your eyes got to the size of dinner plates and your jaw dropped. I mean it literally dropped. You could’ve parked a mid size toy truck in your mouth.

We shrug it off though. We’re used to it by now. The judgmental looks and sometimes the comments.

My favorite one being:

“Why isn’t he wearing a beanie?!”
“You shouldn’t let him walk down the stairs by himself he’s gonna fall and get hurt”


Dear concerned citizen,
It is true that my son was at the park today wearing a flannel shirt and jeans and a “baseball style cap” with ear flaps.

However, please know that he ISN’T cold and he isn’t going to die any time soon.

Here is why:
Despite your worst fears I am a good mom, I just don’t force my kid to do stuff he doesn’t want to. So if he doesn’t want to wear a jacket he doesn’t have to. BUT, I’m also not stupid. Therefore he already has a long sleeved 100% wool sweater on underneath, and 100% wool long johns. His “baseball hat” is double wind proof fleece fabric. So even though what you see is a two year old in a fleece shirt, jeans and a hat, trust me, he is SNUG AS A BUG IN A RUG!

So take your snarky comments and your condescending looks and put your energy on something worthwhile. (Like actually engaging in play while at the park instead of texting on your cellphone.)


The mom and dad playing on the jungle gym with their perfectly warm 2 year old.


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