Hatred isn’t innate behavior – it is learned


(Text says: “…and everyone love and respect each other…”)

What do you want your legacy to be?
What do you want your children to remember about you?
What do you want people to say about you behind your back?

You can’t force people to think a certain way or act a certain way. People have tried but failed. (Hitler – remember him?)
What you can do is try your best to make who you think you are and how you think you act, how you perceive yourself match the real you, the person you want to be.

If you don’t want your mother fcking child to be cursing so goddamn much when he’s friggin four years old then watch your own language.

If you want your child to be well mannered – lead by example. Actions always speak way louder than words. Help you neighbor, carry groceries for someone or help someone across the street. If you’re new to it, set a goal of doing one good thing a day. In a year you’ll have 365 good deeds to be proud of.

If you want people to speak well about you behind your back – you can’t. (Wait what?!) The first thing you have to remember is that people are individuals. Just as you probably don’t like everybody you meet, everybody’s probably not going to like you. And what did I say in the beginning? You can’t force people to do the things you want them to do (at least not I the long run) People will be saying what they want behind your back but if you choose to do good and choose to be good you strengthen the odds of that being something good.

WWJD – what would Jesus do? If you’re in doubt or don’t feel like you have what it takes to do something or you just “don’t wanna”. Take he time to ask yourself “what would Jesus do?”. Jesus would choose to do good and he would choose to go the extra mile. You can too.

Start with something simple. Start with yourself and your children in you have any. If you want the world to be a better place teach your children that it is. If you want the world to be more loving teach your children to be loving, lead by example.

Hatred begets hatred. I’m not saying that you should lie to your kids and tell them the world is a perfect place. I’m simply saying that if all they hear is negativity and how bad the world is and how bad they are, they going to start believing in it and it’s going to turn into a self fulfilling prophecy. 2 year olds don’t need to be watching the news live broadcast from the latest war zone. 7 year olds need not be playing R rated video games. Don’t expect your 9 year old to truly understand the concept of divorce or know how to deal with it if you as a 22, 35 or 45 year old don’t understand or know how to deal with it.
Don’t leave your infant crying alone in a crib and don’t lock your child in his/her room at night so you can go grocery shopping in peace. Don’t tell your 4 year old that she can’t play with Lisa cuz Lisa has two mommies. Don’t scold your 5 year old for talking to a “scary biker”.

If you want the world to be a better place, show your children that it can be, show them that it is.

What do you think? Can we change the world for the better or are we already screwed? šŸ˜‰

Ps. I may not make the cutest drawings in the world but I really enjoy doodling. So if you must comment on the doodles – be nice!


Ask potential play date if they have guns in their home?

Is it ok to ask the parents of your kid’s potential play date if they have guns in their house? Would you?

I’m a supporter of the 2nd amendment even though I gee up in another country where citizens don’t have the same rights. I could write a whole essay on it but I doubt most of you want the long version so the short version is that I support the 2nd amendment because I support the constitution of the United States (very simplified). But I came across somebody today asking if it’s ok to ask a play date’s parents if they keep guns in their house because she wanted to know they are securely locked up where no children can “accidentally stumble upon them”.

I know it’s naive (and probably because I’m from a culture that does not have the same rights) but I’ve always kind of assumed that “normal” people keep their guns in a safe place, such as a gun safe. But yeah, I read the news too and I know that all too often that’s not the case and sometimes it does end badly and end up on the news.

I really can’t answer the question though. Cuz sure, as a mother I want to know that my kid will be safe playing with your kid. But at the same time it’s none of my business wether a person owns guns or not.

Hubby and I have always said that we will teach junior (and any sibling if he has any) to respect guns and if they see one laying out, not to touch it but always go get an adult. I think that’s the most responsible thing to do. I’m thinking if someone gets asked that question out of concern for the kids’ safety and they’re part of the people that leave loaded guns in unsafe places, drawers, night stands etc….would they really tell you anyway?

I guess my stance would be along the lines of “You can’t protect your kids from other people’s stupidity, what you can do is teach them what to do when they encounter it.”

Olympic Games 2014….and the winner is…

I’d like to say that today has been productive. I’ve done a lot of things but at the same time ended up doing nothing.

I was suppose to prepare for a potential interview coming up.

Instead I entered what must be the Olympic Games version of procrastination.

So. Starting tomorrow I’m going to organize my life. I’m going to make a battle plan and by God in going to read through that stupid paper even if it means having to lock myself in the bathroom to do so.

It has always amazed me that I am amazing when it comes to helping people remember things, running errands for other people etc but trying to organize my own life has always seemed as daunting of a task as asking a slug to climb Mount Everest. So, I’m going to see if it’s possible to trick myself into becoming organized by becoming my own personal assistant. Tomorrow I’ll work out a plan of attack.

…and a plan on how to stick to it….

You know it’s bad when you find yourself googling “how to organize your life” followed by “how to remember to check your planner”. Yep. It’s that bad.

Sochi – heaven and hell

I love the Olympic Games. I love elaborate shows, galas. I want it to be grand, to captivate me and to figuratively blow my mind. Needless to say I had great expectations for the Sochi games….and O.M.G!!!
It was the most elaborate awesome celebration, kick off for the Olympics I have ever seen. Everything was meticulously planned and carried out. Everything had a bit of Russian history to it, even the Swan Lake cauldron to hold the Olympic fire. It was grand and majestic and captivated me in a way I haven’t been captivated my anything on tv for years. It was amazing!

You can call it an informative lesson in Russia’s history or well performed propaganda. One things is clear, if you didn’t know anything about Russia before the Sochi games, you would be on a plane going there by now. Well played Russia, well played.

Still. I can’t erase the memories of Russians being tortured while building the Olympic village. Threatened, blindfolded, sodomized. How the workers were at first promised a ridiculous low wage and then most of them ending up with no wage at all. Russia. Sochi. It is heaven and hell all at the same time. The adult in me hopes that Putin heard the chairman of the Olympic committee when he said that all participants, no matter what country your from can live in the Olympic village in peace without discrimination for whatever reason. The teenager in me want to paint my nails in the color of the rainbow to support the LGBT community. But the little child in me just wants to savor the moment, if only for a few minutes of an opening ceremony for the 22nd Winter Olympics in Sochi that not only lived up to my grand expectations but far exceeded them! Well played Russia. Let the games begin!

Illiterate in a bilingual world

We’ve recently started looking at different bilingual preschools for junior to attend for the few years we aim to stay abroad. It’s all very fancy (not really) and you have to submit applications and stuff. Hubby and I are both university educated so this is a breeze for us. Hubby is a US citizen and so is junior (he’s dual). We got a letter in the mail today addressed to mr and mrs “insert my husbands full name”. Living abroad in what could be the most laid back country in the world I knew it had to be an American writing the letter. Sure enough it was.

It was a “Dear Mr&Mrs, thank you for applying…” And then went on to explain how our son’s preschool application to one of the schools had been denied. Ok. No biggie. We kept reading and that’s when it happened….. The reason our son was denied was due to that he shool could only accept students who

…reside in X country for a limited period of time and who possess sufficient knowledge in English to be able to follow the education taught in English.

I swore I had just become illiterate. Surely we weren’t reading that he didn’t have sufficient knowledge in English….?! ENGLISH?!!!
I think the person who laughed the hardest was the US citizen (born n raised) husband while I went a little more warrior Viking.
We’re completely bilingual (hubby’s learning the new language) and junior is perfectly bilingual. We speak all English with each other and I speak both with junior, always have. So…WHAT DA FAKK?! The letter (and principal) felt so lost in translation even though I had purposely filled out the application in English. (You’d think a school claiming to be bilingual should be able to handle that.

I wanted to email the principal and ask who was the illiterate one, him or me….but I chose to go the more politically correct route of “dear sir….perhaps a mistake…”

I guess we’ll jut have to wait as see what happens. SMH.

Seriously though. This is after we skipped one applications because the English was horrible and barely made it through another application asking for “country of belonging”?! Again I wish I could claim being lost in translation, but that sentence doesn’t make sense in either language. Illiteracy might go a long way and still land you a job…but the admission’s office shouldn’t be one of them. Smh. Hubby suggested I’d put “none, he’s a free man” but I’m not sure that would’ve helped.

Come on, prove to me that there are still some bilingual people out there who actually know what they’re doing!

So you mean this isn’t a good time to tell you…..

Does this mean that the world will stop posting about the Super Bowl now? Gosh I hope so…

So you mean that this isn’t a good time to tell you that the 95th regular season of the NFLĀ is tentatively set to begin Thursday, September 4, 2014, with the defending Super Bowl championsĀ hosting in the annual kick off game?!

Not even if I tell you it’s going to be epic?


Are you sure?

Ok I’ll be quite. I’ll just share a picture instead then….


(Photo borrowed from: The NFL Shop)

Cha cha cha changes!

I found myself downtown today. ALONE! For real!

Let me take it from the beginning. Junior and u have pretty much been attached to each other since he was born. We’ve slowly tried to get him to spend some quality time with dad and it’s been going ok…for about 5-10 minutes and then I’m the one again,
I have been able to sneak away to the convenient store a couple of times (with varying results) then today as I was leaving to go to the pharmacy junior noticed me fully dressed. My husband immediately jumped in and said “mommy’s going bye bye. She’s going downtown for a while but she’ll be back, you can stay here with me and play and have lots of fun.”
(This is where Junior would normally start putting his shoes on…)
Today he just looked up at his dad as if he was satisfied with that answer, looked at me, waved bye bye and blew kisses at me. So I did the same and left.

Guess what?
He was just dandy!

Him and my hubby played for about an hour by themselves and then when I was on my way back my husband showed him me on “Find a friend” and he could follow mommy home and see that I was as getting closer.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Ok I admit it, it was super weird in the beginning and I missed the little rascal but I pulled myself together, haha.

I’m so glad they are finally getting to spend some quality time just the two of them doing fun stuff together. I got a picture of them building a tower out of all the Lego pieces. It was taller than the toddler haha! It was great!

Today has been an awesome day! Yay for toddlers growing up!