High needs baby

Done call it high need. I just call him junior. He’s mine and he’s HNB although he doesn’t fit all the criterias.

High needs is NOT a diagnosis. Never has been, never will be. It’s characteristics of personality traits.

As defined by Dr Sears
Criterias can be found at
Dr Sear’s High Need Baby

It is what it is
Raising an HBN as with any other child you have two choices
1. Fight it
2. Go with it

My choice will always be to go with it. To focus on the positive sides. It’s not a diagnosis like autism or diabetes, it’s an explanation to mom’s raising children who demand a little more, who are a little more in a world where “all other babies” are constantly in a state of sweet and silent and mommies are pretty, bored and sip lattes all day.

My views
HNB has never had a negative connotation to me. Forget the term HNB or Fussy baby. Think of it as driving a Ferrari when everybody else has a beat up old T-Ford or as owning a working dog when everybody else has chihuahuas.

Think of it as raising a tiger when everybody else is raising a kitten

I love my son and I have never once though of the aspect of him being or not being an HBN as something negative. I’ve always seen it as something positive, something that will have a positive impact on his life.
Then again:
I love ferraris
I love working dogs
And I’m a tiger…without the errrr.


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