Ask potential play date if they have guns in their home?

Is it ok to ask the parents of your kid’s potential play date if they have guns in their house? Would you?

I’m a supporter of the 2nd amendment even though I gee up in another country where citizens don’t have the same rights. I could write a whole essay on it but I doubt most of you want the long version so the short version is that I support the 2nd amendment because I support the constitution of the United States (very simplified). But I came across somebody today asking if it’s ok to ask a play date’s parents if they keep guns in their house because she wanted to know they are securely locked up where no children can “accidentally stumble upon them”.

I know it’s naive (and probably because I’m from a culture that does not have the same rights) but I’ve always kind of assumed that “normal” people keep their guns in a safe place, such as a gun safe. But yeah, I read the news too and I know that all too often that’s not the case and sometimes it does end badly and end up on the news.

I really can’t answer the question though. Cuz sure, as a mother I want to know that my kid will be safe playing with your kid. But at the same time it’s none of my business wether a person owns guns or not.

Hubby and I have always said that we will teach junior (and any sibling if he has any) to respect guns and if they see one laying out, not to touch it but always go get an adult. I think that’s the most responsible thing to do. I’m thinking if someone gets asked that question out of concern for the kids’ safety and they’re part of the people that leave loaded guns in unsafe places, drawers, night stands etc….would they really tell you anyway?

I guess my stance would be along the lines of “You can’t protect your kids from other people’s stupidity, what you can do is teach them what to do when they encounter it.”